St. Ez Men’s Group (STEMG)

T he St. Ez Men’s Group is a Catholic Men’s ministry of St. Elizabeth’s Roman Catholic Church at 5 Ransford Ave. Kingston 5.

It encompasses a group of men who meet periodically, i.e. 2″” Friday of each month, to pray, study scripture, Catholic doctrine or Catholic male spirituality.

The purpose of these gathering is to foster spiritual growth for men In the parish. In the Mission Statement of STEMG, this Is called helping Catholic men to learn to walk as Godly men.

What’s in it for the parish?

As Catholic men in your parish grow in the depth and richness of their Catholic faith, you can expect to see them becoming more active in the parish as liturgical committee members or outreach volunteers. Often they experience a hunger for God’s word and a desire to share It with your Christian Formation Program, Youth Ministry, and/or Adult Education. Men Involved with Catholic men’s group can be expected to seek out leadership roles on the parish council and Its affiliated committees.


St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church Men’s Fraternal

Men’s ministry across Jamaica is geared towards bringing males closer to Christ. The ST. Elizabeth’s Men’s Fraternal is no different. We believe that it is necessary to provide opportunities for men to interact with one another, both on a social basis and also on a spiritual basis. In Proverbs 27: 17 we are told. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Our desire is to bring men to new life in Christ, grow men in spiritual maturity, and equip men to serve others to impact their world through Christ. A natural result of this is spiritually stronger men, husbands, fathers, families and churches.

The Men’s Fraternal of ST. E’z participate in activities designed for fun and fellowship ­ men’s Eucharistic celebrant (mass), outings, fishing expeditions, men’s retreats and are some of our activities.

We convene on Sundays after mass to discuss issues that affect our parish as
we aim on providing service to the fullest, in order to continue building the ST.
Elizabeth’s church community. Each member is required to pay dues of $300 per month, and you are considered active member after three consecutive meeting. As such, ones membership will be questioned after three consecutive absences without a valid reason.

We implore members of the St. Elizabeth’s church community to be apart of this life changing experience as we embark on building a sound Catholic church community. Make a choice, make the right choice and become a member. Our gate is always open.

Our current president is Mr. Christopher Coke.