Liturgical Committee

Eucharist is the source, centre and summit not only of our individual and community Christian life, but also the source, centre and summit of evangelization.

The purpose of this Committee is to study the liturgy documents of the Church and the Scriptures, and apply their knowledge to the planning of the liturgical seasons.


  1. Plan and coordinate the appropriate celebration of the liturgical seasons.
  2. Interface with all of the liturgical ministries.
  3. Meet with the pastor, to discuss their learning and offer suggestions for each season of the year.
  4. Listen to the parishioners and bring their suggestions to the committee.
  5. To give advice on how to improve the various ministries that are part of every liturgy.


  • Several meetings before the seasons Advent/Christmas, and Lent/Easter and one or two during the ordinary time of the year. Members are active in carrying out much of the planning that is done.

Coordinator: Maurice A. Brown