Church Lectors


Lectors of St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church are committed to praying, preparing and proclaiming the Word of God well, not only to enhance the beauty of the Liturgy but becoming the Instrument through whom God speaks to all members of the Assembly, “God speaks to His people, revealing the mystery of their redemption and salvation and offering them spiritual nourishment. (General Instruction on the Roman Missal).


  1. To proclaim the Word of God to those corning to worship at St. Ez, at every regularly scheduled Mass, Daily Mass and at Masses offered during the Christmas and Easter Season. Care is taken to reflect the diversity of the Parish Community thus members of this Ministry includes men and women of various ages, married and single.
  2. To prepare for the proclamation of the Word of God, by manner, appearance, attitude, and attire, so that the Word will receive the undivided attention that it deserves and may be better understood and appreciated.


  • Seasonal workshops.
  • Days of Recollection throughout the year.


  • Possesses an ability to stand before an Assembly and proclaim the message of the Scripture in a clear, articulate, well modulated voice with proper enunciation and pronunciation, so the Word of God is heard and understood by the Assembly.
  • Possesses a sense of Liturgical Prayer; is at least sixteen years old; received the Sacrament of Confirmation and is a practicing Catholic; exceptions can be made for those participating in Children’s Liturgies.


Deacon Desmond Gordon — +1(876) 926-7248.